Instant On Energy Resilience Resiliency Outage Blackout DR Microgrid Battery Storage Generator Power

Insist On Resiliency

Instant ON (IO) insists on resiliency during times of instability. 

Public Safety Power Shutoffs, blackouts, and outages impact everyone. Communities need efficient, connected, smart, and flexible power grids now.

We cannot add more renewables into the grid without first fixing it. When Distributed Energy Resources are not islandable, deployable, or able to be aggregated and utilized by utilities to respond to demand, solar energy only furthers grid instability. 

Instant ON facilitates the integration and distribution of smart Microgrid and Nanogrid technology, providing timely solutions to our industry. 

Instant On Energy DR Microgrid Sustainability Resiliency Distributed Energy Resource DER Smart Grid

Insist On Collaboration

Instant ON commits to decisive collaboration, because resiliency is needed now. 

The needs of our new decade go beyond old sustainability paradigms; IO is here to help. While changing policies and regulations have created a tremendous learning curve for others, IO simplifies the industry though providing the framework for islandable distributed energy resources for affordable, resilient, and equitable dr microgrid and nanogrid projects. IO integrates technology that is optimized, scalable, and deployable. 

To keep your power on, IO partners with cities, municipalities, existing and new housing developments, commercial and industrial buildings, solar PV installers, and energy service companies.  

IO Products


Instant On provides mobile 5kWh battery solutions through the IO-5M product line. 


Instant On provides off-grid streetlight LED plus Camera technology through the IO-EYE product line.


Instant On provides solar panel cleaning technology and fire resiliency solutions through the IO-Cleantect.

IO Solutions

DR Microgrid Energy ESS Storage Backup Battery Resiliency Outage Power Blackout PSPS Public Safety

IO will distribute your low voltage, high voltage, and mobile Islandable Optimized Energy Storage Solutions (ESS). Batteries create resiliency. 

DR Microgrid Energy Generator Generation Backup Resiliency Outage Fuel Cell CHP Diesel Emergency

IO will continue to spearhead the development of next generation, distributed energy fuel cell technologies throughout the US markets.

Controls DRMicrogrid Energy Backup Battery Resiliency Outage Power Smart Billing automation HEM SGIP

IO will install Intelligent Overlay (IO) Controls and Smart Panels which utilize artificial intelligence, smart billing, and home automation technology.

DR Microgrid Energy ESS Storage Generation Backup Battery Resiliency Outage commercial solar city

IO will design and develop your Integrator Optimized (IO) Microgrid Solutions. Solar only installations no longer are sustainable or sufficient. 

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